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Portraits - A Trialogue of Identity. Image. Imagination.

Was Ausstellung
Wann 27.04.2007 19:00 bis
19.08.2007 23:00
Wo Artneuland e.V., Schumannstrasse 18, 10117 Berlin
Name Aurel Thurn
Contact Email
Kontakttelefon (030) 2804 6650
Teilnehmer Irene Andessner, Anisa Ashkar, Tim Deussen, Nabila Irshaid, Uri Gershuni, April Gertler, Simcha Shirman,
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Portraits are probably humanity's oldest answer to the question "Who are we?" - a question demonstrably posed and asked by all known cultures. They are testimony not only to the image and idea of the particular characters portrayed; they are also attempts to come to grips with the very notion of individual identity itself - in contrast to a collective identity, a collective representation, i.e. man/woman as the embodiment of general cultural characteristics, such as in the stylized images of heroes as the embodiment of the respective values and ideals of a culture. Man looking at himself: No longer does he/she take himself for granted, as one with nature or a cosmic order: He or she stands alone - and hence has to determine and define the nature of his/her relation to the rest of the world. We don't just look at others, others look at us - and we interpret the way they look. As we develop, we can anticipate and manipulate that process, to a degree at least. In a sense, we are doing that all the time, slipping outside of ourselves and looking back at ourselves. It is probably no exaggeration to say that the portrait is the most radical embodiment of perspective. For this reason, we want to present the subject in an interdisciplinary manner. The photography and video exhibition explores the Portrait as a cultural icon and the Self as an experimental site. This exhibition deals with the portrait and its representation as a collection of cultural associations examining simultaneously the photography as a medium of self-evidence. Foucault's statement that we should perceive the self as an art work in creation became a normal phenomenon and not an exceptional one. It seems that Man is not satisfied anymore in "finding himself" but insists on creating and designing himself. Thus, the global village functions as an experimental farm. The desire to dominate and own yourself, the feeling that you have chosen to create yourself becomes more and more prominent in the urban modern culture. The participating artists are: Irene Andessner, Anisa Ashkar, Tim Deussen, Uri Gershuni, April Gertler, Nabila Irshaid, Simcha Shirman.


art. people. change.
ArtneulandBerlin is a home for Trialogues of the 3 monotheistic cultures, a space for image, word and people, focusing on photography and video exhibitions, symposiums, seminars, among other actitivies.

Artneuland approaches realities with an artistic inter-disciplinary trialogue in order to bridge engaging cultures, focusing on the Israeli - European - Arabic trilationship.
Artneuland is an open platform to co-operations. We encourage inter-disciplinary artists to create debates & celebrate their voices, beliefs & ideas reflecting one another. We invite individuals, groups, & cultures to acquire, hire or share the artistic fruits of our trialogues contents.

ArtneulandBerlin is located in the heart of Berlin's Mitte, in Schumannstrasse 18. Our own gallery is dedicated mostly to works based on our projects, exposing masters as well as upcoming talents. ArtneulandProjects; Our yearly 3 major trialogue productions.
Artneuland's Trialogue is Art. People. Change. Our art is image, word & people. Our people come from Israeli, European & Arabic cultures. Our change is taking our art to face the daily realities of our people towards a better tomorrow.


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