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Artneuland - Videoland Exhibition

Was Konferenz
Wann 01.01.2007 00:05 bis
05.04.2007 23:55
Wo Schumannstrasse 18, 10117 Berlin
Contact Email
Kontakttelefon 030 - 2804 6650
Teilnehmer Yossi Breger, Hannan Abu Hussein, Uschi Huber, Hadas Kedar & Alex Schady, Waheeda Mallulah, Uriel Orlow, Youssef Rabbaoui etc. Curator Yael Katz Ben Shalom
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Is geography visible? Does it have a place? What roles do knowledge and memory fill in defining a place? The exhibition reveals interrelationships between different types of spaces, between a space that needs no actual manifestation in order to exist in contrast to a physical space. In our developing global reality, more and more geographies are being born. It would seem, then, that the boundaries of the gaze is a question that itself acquires a new meaning. This exhibition seeks to explore the connection between belonging and finding one's place. It does so by means of diverting the gaze away from the local. This is the connection between the Familiar and the Foreign, or the Other. The exhibition is based on a trialogue between gazes that deals with the physical space, textual space, sound space, or the space of the human body itself. The participating artists are from various places. They represent the horizon of a foreign place destabilizing their sense of belonging. By so doing, they stabilize a sense of their own place.


art. people. change.

ArtneulandBerlin is a home for Trialogues of the 3 monotheistic cultures, a space for image, word and people, focusing on photography and video exhibitions, symposiums, seminars, among other actitivies.

Artneuland approaches realities with an artistic inter-disciplinary trialogue in order to bridge engaging cultures, focusing on the Israeli - European - Arabic trilationship.

Artneuland is an open platform to co-operations. We encourage inter-disciplinary artists to create debates & celebrate their voices, beliefs & ideas reflecting one another. We invite individuals, groups, & cultures to acquire, hire or share the artistic fruits of our trialogues contents.

ArtneulandBerlin is located in the heart of Berlin's Mitte, in Schumannstrasse 18. Our own gallery is dedicated mostly to works based on our projects, exposing masters as well as upcoming talents. ArtneulandProjects; Our yearly 3 major trialogue productions.

Artneuland's Trialogue is Art. People. Change. Our art is image, word & people. Our people come from Israeli, European & Arabic cultures. Our change is taking our art to face the daily realities of our people towards a better tomorrow.


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