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Old Shaykhs, Young Women, and the Internet: The Rewriting of Women‘s Political Rights in Islam.

Was Wissenschaftlicher Vortrag
Wann 23.05.2008
von 07:00 pm bis 09:00 pm
Wo Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Einstein-Saal, Jaegerstasse 22/23, 10117 Berlin
Name Dr. Sonja Hegasy
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Kontakttelefon Tel.: 030 - 80307 223
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Vortrag: Prof. Dr. Barbara Freyer Stowasser, Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Georgetown University, Washington

This lecture deals with a new phenomenon in the Muslim modernization discourse on Islam and gender. Until the late 1980‘s, the ideological lines on women‘s political rights were fairly clearly drawn between traditionalist religious experts, the ‚ulama (who denied them) and modernist non-clerical, usually secularist intellectuals (who supported them by virtue of human rights arguments). On this issue, Islamist groups have largely sided with the traditionalist camp. Lately, some „new ‚ulama“ of theological training (and even some former Islamist credentials) have begun to employ indigenous methods of law finding to prove that Islam does, indeed, grant Muslim women political rights. The best-known protagonist of this new trend is Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi (graduate of al-Azhar University in Cairo and member of the Muslim Brotherhood) who for the last almost fifty years has been an increasingly influential voice in interpreting Qur‘an and Sunna in a „middle-of-the-road“ manner that eschews both the too rigid and the too liberal. Al-Qaradawi‘s modernism is grounded in Scripture and the classical jurisprudential method, but is also focused on reform and renewal, and is propagated world-wide by way of all the new media.

Prof. Barbara Stowasser is Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies in the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University, as well as a member of the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS) core faculty and CCAS Executive Committee. Dr. Stowasser holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Semitic and Islamic Studies from the University of Munster, Germany. Her publications include Islamic Law and the Challenges of Modernity, co-edited with Yvonne Haddad (AltaMira Press, 2004), a book length study on Women in the Qur‘an, Traditions and Interpretation (Oxford University Press, 1994), an edited volume entitled The Islamic Impulse (CCAS, 1987, reprinted 1989), articles published in American, German, Arabic and Turkish journals and periodicals, and book chapters in collected volumes. At present, Dr. Stowasser is working on a book on Gender Discourses in the Tafsir and Fatwa Literatures, a textbook on the Islamic Tafsir, and a book on Islam and Time.


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