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Was Ausstellung
Wann 07.09.2007 19:00 bis
12.12.2007 00:00
Wo Artneuland e.V., Schumannstr. 18, 10117 Berlin
Name Katja Schulze
Contact Email
Kontakttelefon +49 30 2804 7013
Teilnehmer Rachid Bendaoud, Raed Bwayeh, Barbara B. Edlinger & Joachim Baur, Roee Rosen, Sharon Horodi & Cheb Kammerer, Doron Furman, Doron Rabina & Maayan Amir, Eitan Buganim & Noa Ben Shimol, Etty Wieseltier & Hanan Pomagrin, Maya Zack & Yitzchak Roth
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Geld & Guilt Video. Photography. Installation. “We do not only say things with words, but do things with words.” (John Langshaw Austin)

"Geld & Guilt" signs a kind of structure reminding a multiplicity of rituals, being experienced again and again. The collection of views by the various artists seems as an option for a ritual of artistic apprenticeship. The use of everyday life, of familiar symbols of knowledge, action, speech and behaviour, is served to the spectator in a time frame like a special act for thinking about the symbolic meanings of the 'Geld & Guilt ritual' and its unique value. This is an experimental proposal where art desires to preserve the ritual as a power, as an influence and as inner necessity. The German word Geld and the English word Guilt direct us from the historical gaze to the contemporary gaze in questions such as which role money fulfilled in the past regarding German guilt, which role it fulfils today in the same context and, in addition, has this structure of compensating guilt with money been copied to other places in the world in different aspects?

It seems that in the last years the connection between money and guilt becomes more relevant as the world is dominated more and more by the capitalistic mechanism in general and in the individual level. Dealing with the dependence relationship between money and guilt enables us to insist on the problems characterizing our era as we are witnessing changes in various parts of the world, where the linkage between money and guilt is prominent, such as in areas moving from socialism to capitalism. In which ways is the couple of words Geld and Guilt presented in various cultures and in various domains of cultures? How this couple of words is expressed in political, religious, economical, psychoanalytical, ecological and gender aspects?


25. November, 19 Uhr

Musealisierung als Zivilisationsstrategie.
Mit Peter Sloterdijk, Peter Weibel, Bazon Brock.

27. November, 19 Uhr
Ein gewöhnliches Leben – A common life.
Filmvorführung und Diskussion mit der Filmemacherin Anna Faroqhi.

HALLO. SHALOM. SALAM. art. people. change. ArtneulandBerlin is a home for Trialogues of the 3 monotheistic cultures, a space for image, word and people, focusing on photography and video exhibitions, symposiums, seminars, among other actitivies. Artneuland approaches realities with an artistic inter-disciplinary trialogue in order to bridge engaging cultures, focusing on the Israeli - European - Arabic trilationship. Artneuland is an open platform to co-operations. We encourage inter-disciplinary artists to create debates & celebrate their voices, beliefs & ideas reflecting one another. We invite individuals, groups, & cultures to acquire, hire or share the artistic fruits of our trialogues contents. ArtneulandBerlin is located in the heart of Berlin's Mitte, in Schumannstrasse 18. Our own gallery is dedicated mostly to works based on our projects, exposing masters as well as upcoming talents. ArtneulandProjects; Our yearly 3 major trialogue productions. Artneuland's Trialogue is Art. People. Change. Our art is image, word & people. Our people come from Israeli, European & Arabic cultures. Our change is taking our art to face the daily realities of our people towards a better tomorrow. LETS TRIALOGUE.

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